Tamarind Square: Kids-friendly place for eateries & groceries

With little kids around and with a lot of cases where Kids get Rota Virus from trollies πŸ›’ etc, it’s hard to say if any place is better than the other in terms of hygiene and cleanliness especially with the rising cases of Covid19. It’s not advisable to bring lil kids out to public places such as supermarkets and restaurants where possible.

When the cases drops and things get back to normal, Tamarind squad is one place where I would recommend where you can do your grocery shopping. There’s a flee market, bookshop, lots of restaurants and cafes which are kids friendly as well. Not to forget the nice Tree House concept Ambience that you can explore as well.

Below are some of the eateries to look out for in Tamarind Square where you can find different delicacies from different cultures with nice ambience:


1. Tiger+Lily (Thai food):

Baban (Peranakan food):

10 Gram: (Asian & Western with good Coffee)

4. Sam Wings (Arabian Delights):

5. Dokebi (Korean) Famous for its Chicken Wings):

6. Pastribella Bakeshop:

7. Glaze Eatery (Western & Asian)

8. Original Hainan Chicken Rice Ipoh

9. VietDeKat (Famous for its Vietnamese Bobba Coffee)

10.  Cafe Wolf (Situated inside the BookXcess)

11. Boost Juice

12. Her Caa

13. BMS Organic

14. Village Grocer

Nice ambience for an insta moment too

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