Happy Malaysia Day!


🔹Malaysia Day 🇲🇾: 16 Sept 2020
🔹Independence Day 🇲🇾: 31 Aug 2020
🔹MCO: 18 Mar  -   12 May 2020
🔹CMCO: 13 May - 07 June 2020
🔹RMCO: 08 June - 31 Aug - 31 Dec 2020

Happy Malaysia Day & 63rd Independence Day, Malaysia 🇲🇾..tanah tumpahnya darahku & the land blessed with all the good delicacies you can have on a Merdeka morning..Nasi Lemak, Teh Tarik, Kopi Cham, Cheong Fun, Roti Canai, Pau, kuihs..the list goes on and on.. 🍚☕️🍳🍮

As we continue as a nation to battle our way towards a safer, cleaner & developed nation where any family do not need to go through the struggle of pain & poverty, let’s continue to teach our lil ones who will lead our future generation to spread the love, maintain our peace & harmony and keep holding our Jalur Gemilang up high 🇲🇾

Together, the different races, personas & cultures that we share will push us through Covid19 by adhering to the SOPs whilst enjoying when we go about our daily lives, work, school, businesses to savouring the beaches, waves, mountains & forests of our beautiful country.. 🏝 🌊 ⛰ 🌳 


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