About Me

This portal is a venue for me to share the many joyful moments that both me and my little girl has gone through. We never know what the future holds and memories may fade so why not capture and savour every moment digitally and few years from now, all it takes is just a few clicks to bring us back to memory lane. 

This portal is also a channel where i share my thoughts, knowledge, experience and creativity with friends and readers around the world who may share the same hobbies or ideas and hopefully my little girl will take over this account and continue our journey. 

I completely enjoy Mobile photography and try to do my part to also inculcate to my little girl the sense of social responsibility and care for those in need through charity and provide awareness to people through my writing and posts.

I love travelling (i do have the phobia of flights) and love to indulge into good ol tasty food and delicacies. I’m also into solving the mysteries of the life and the universe (UFO’s, Aliens, our creator, the source of life, after life, time travel, etc..) understanding their stories, cultures, adventures, secrets; I simply enjoy every bit of life! I believed in learning as much as I can to grow better than where I used to be yesterday. 

If you want to get in touch I’d love to hear from you! For advertorials, sponsorships, event invites, food reviews or any other possible collaborations and opportunities, please contact me at chriz.alannah@gmail.com

Salam buat pembaca semua! Sekiranya saudari/saudara mempunyai sebarang soalan dan juga cadangan yang ingin berkongsi dengan saya, bolehlah berhubung dengan saya melalui email. Bagi pertanyaan/ advertorials/ sponsorships/ jemputan khas, sila hubungi saya melalui email di chriz.alannah@gmail.com

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