'jal meokkessumnida'


안녕하세요~ Well, that’s Annyeonghaseyo! Which means “Hello” in Korean. Wedged between China and Japan both ancient civilizations, Korea still manages to retain its own culture. Over the centuries, Korea has made its spark in the world of music, movies and cuisines. In fact, it’s astonishing how Korean food has made its jump across the globe.


When it comes to Korean food in KL, a few places and restaurants comes to mind. Seoul Garden, Sopoong, Mr. Dakgalbi, KyoChon 1991 just to name a few. 


Here’s my top 3 pick for Korean food in KL taking into count the location, ambience, price and also their dishes. 


1. Ojju

This has to be my favourite as of now as I’ve been to this place for about 5 times in the last 1 year. Well, it’s situated in Nu Sentral which is quite convenient as it’s Transportation Hub, KL Sentral is just a 5 minutes walk. Plus it’s near to Menara CIMB hence my personal pick. 

Their signature dish is their hot pot and will be good to have this shared among a larger group of 4 pax and cheesy wings which they fry on the spot in front of you. Ambience is also ok especially being located in a shopping mall and within walking distance from the Train stations and Menara CIMB, you save quite a lot of time which can be spent on enjoying your meal without having to rush. 


Looking forward to another makan2 session here post MCO. 

2. DubuYo Urban Korean Food / Dokebi

Both DubuYo and Dokebi are tied at number 2 as it’s my little Alannah’s favourite.

Alannah loves the noodles and fried chicken here not forgetting her ice creams for desserts. Both these places are situated within Shopping malls (Alamanda and Tamarind Square) so it’s easier to do our grocery shopping right after. 

There’s not many Korean food available via Grab Food or Foodpanda and i must admit that i have been craving for those chicken wings since MCO started  

3. Super Boring Club

My final pick’s got to be Super Boring Club. I Love this place! Their specialty is Korean BBQ + Japanese Izakaya.

Their service is tip top, Friendly and warm. They even refill our vegetables without us asking to. This place is very Instagram worthy. Price? For me reasonable. Definitely will come back again with the lunch geng once things are back to the usual or better than the current situation.

There’s a nice coffee place within walking distance as well for those who crave for a cup of coffee before they head back to the office or post their meals. 

So for those who craves good bbq and don’t know if you should opt for Korean or Japanese BBQ, can check out the Super Boring Club who serves both offerings 

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