Good Food, Good Ambience, Good Company


There’s too many good food that you can find in the heart of KL that you can slot in during your lunch breaks. Here’s my top 3 places in KL where you can get a mix of tasty Malay, Chinese, Indian & Western food and the ambience is also good. 


Good Food, Good Ambience & Good Company


1. The Royal Selangor Club

Fancy for a Banana Leave? Then try out the variety of dishes that come along with their Banana Leave meal and go for a nice hot cup of brew coffee or masala tea  

If you want a throwback to Malaysia’s historical facts, there is a mini museum of some sorts and you have a nice view of Dataran Merdeka and the Clock Tower. 

2. Mingle Cafe + Vintage 1988 Cafe

Looking for some Western delicacies to go with your daily dose of coffee? Then this cafe’s is where you can get them both (both cafe’s are situated directly opposite each other

If you’re looking for a vintage and insta worthy place, then here is the place to be with their classic 1980’s setup. 

3. Din & Faikoh Roast Duck

How can we miss out on chicken / duck rice? Food is tasty and the place is cosy. 


If you fancy for coffee after lunch, just a 2 minutes walk away is Gavel Coffee Cafe

So thats my top 3 lunch+coffee eateries in the heart of bz KL where you can find good food + coffee, good ambience and most importantly good company. 


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