RMCO Cuti-Cuti Malaysia 🇲🇾 Road-trips 🚗 Part 1


🔹Maal Hijrah: 1442H/2020M

🔹MCO: 18 Mar - 12 May 2020

🔹CMCO: 13 May - 07 June 2020

🔹RMCO: 08 June - 31 Aug 2020

🔹> 5 Months WFH & > 3 Months Schooling From Home


With less than 2 weeks to go before the nation will get to find out if the RMCO will end or extended, 1 thing’s for sure. On 31st Aug 2020, we will be celebrating Merdeka.

With the school/public holidays around the corner, we’re not going to be flying️ overseas anytime soon so what better way then to bring our family for Cuti2 Malaysia. Not only will it boaster our tourism industry & stimulate our economy, our kids will get to know more on the history of our homeland. 

For weekends that are longer, I tend to have a longer drive for our road trips (yeah, even my car needs some good air for the engine). 

It’s hard to find a location or place which is not packed but we were fortunate to find some real hidden gems where the crowd is also less & managed to sneak some hidden gems into our RMCO schedule (whilst adhering to the required SOPs)


The Haven All Suites Resort - Ipoh, Perak

Perak is famous for its Hot Springs, Caves and Delicacies and The Haven All Suites Resort has all these covered. Absolutely scenic views, good air and a good place to retreat and rejuvenate. 

The view and ambience is really breathtaking especially towards the night when the hills and caves are lighted up. Nice and cool to have a swim at that time.  

In the mornings, it’s nice to have a jog or walk around the resort enjoying the sceneries, lakes and parks before dipping into their pools. Kids would love their pool. 

On the way back, do make sure you drop by their famous Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice stall. It was kind of packed so we decided to try out Little Elephant Restaurant which has variety of Fusion delicacies. The Ambience is nice as well. 

Before hitting the highways, we also checked out their famous mural street. It’s an insta-worthy place for some nice #mobilephotography

Disney Avenue-Kampar, Perak:

I was intrigued by the fact that there is a Disney themed town in Malaysia so we decided to check it out since Alannah’s a Disney fan for the longest time. 

To our amazement, the town had no human souls. I kid you not! It was like a zombie land 🧟🧟️ Or ghost town. It’s an insta-worthy place but we were off before it gets a little dark. There’s also a Disney-themed hotel nearby for those who are interested for a stay. 

Ye Olde Smoke House- Fraser’s Hill, Pahang: 

If you’re looking to go somewhere cooler, I would recommend this place as it’s less crowded than your usual Gentings, Camerons and also the Bukit Tinggis. 

Traffic is ok and there’s English-British cottage feel when you’re there. Don’t forget to stop by the Glass House or the Tea House for some tea or coffee ️  

Melaka - Muar:

If you’re headed to or pass by Muar to JB, do check out their famous Kopi 434 and Mee a Bandung. If you fancy for the Muara Bayu Breeze, you have to go to Tanjung for the sunset.

On the way back to KL from Muar, Donhu’s Jurassic Garden is a cool place to catch real live-sized robotic controlled dinosaurs 🦕🦖 and entrance is free apart from some of their rides. 

If you’re keen to do a tour in Melaka, I recommend to put up a night at Doubletree by Hilton which is right smack in the middle of Melaka and is 1.5 hours away from Muar and Seremban. 

So enjoy and savour every ride of the journey as the destination will feel more appreciated but don't forget to #jagaSOP #kitajagakita



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