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Being an Agile advocate or ambassador to the Agile & Transformation agenda for the last 4-5 years, I can’t run away from taking part in the filming of videos to having cool networking & sharing sessions at the different summits or events. 

From mentoring during a Hackathon to also participating in a Hackathon (our team got 2nd place),it gives me a 360 degrees perspective from both the mentor and also the participants' point of view.

RHB Banking Group and Startupbootcamp (SBC) FinTech held its 2nd Fintech Hackathon in Kuala Lumpur and attracted more than 230 digital enthusiasts to collaborate and co-create solutions that can deliver superior customer experience in digital banking.

Themed ‘Hacking Customer Engagement in Digital Banking’, this year’s hackathon focuses on the use of technology to seamlessly integrate customers’ banking needs with their digital social lives.

Held from July 28 to 30, 2017, the hackathon brought together digital and technology-savvy individuals from the financial services sector and non-financial backgrounds to synergise on new ideas and solutions towards improving how financial institutions enhance interaction with their customers using technology.

In line with RHB’s ‘customer centric’ pillar, the event reimagines the way financial institutions can engage both digitally savvy customers and more traditional customers through digital banking. The hackathon is aimed at discovering customer engagement ideas using new technology, and sparking more interest from coders and potential start-ups.

Participants of the hackathon were given 48 hours to generate ideas on seamlessly integrating customers' banking needs with their digital social lives.

They were additionally challenged to increase functionality and usability of current digital banking platforms while assuring customers safe, friction-less, timely, and convenient services.

Besides these objectives, participants were to brainstorm ideas to attract and retain non-tech savvy customers.

Overwhelming response to participate resulted in the organisers having to shortlist the Top 20 teams for final pitching from an initial 30 teams.

A lot of times, there will be a need to give a talk, moderate, facilitate, or even judge an event not forgetting trying to scout for a potential candidate for the organisation. 

I’ve had my fair share of moderating and facilitating several Agile related sessions for my organisations. 

While many teams are already in the motion of implementing the Agile way of working be it simplifying processes, adopting Agile project managament methodology with its multiple frameworks to implementing DevSecOps...the next hurdle & big push is to scale up + spread out the Agile Culture & Framework to the rest of the organization and Leadership will be an integral force in scaling up agility. 

It was a fun-filled day for the team as we relaxed, reflected & reCHARGED during our team offsite held today. 

We played games that's we used to play as a kid, we shared views and empathy and we thanked each other for the sweat & hard work we’ve put in the last few months that have paid off as we continue to journey on...

We also certainly had lots of fun during our GSD offsite gaining valuable insights from leadership, facilitating Design Thinking & Agile 101 activities with my partner in crime for the day Izwan Ismail & also a Loh Sang with our Group CEO Tengku Zafrul to cap off a day well spent  

Kudos to the organizing committee Nur Farhanah Mohd Radzif, CFA, Tengku Nadia Amran  & team πŸ€œπŸ»πŸ€›πŸ»

During the UXSEA & DevOps SUMMIT 2019 held earlier, lots of key insights were shared by Design & DevOps gurus. Glad to have met familiar faces as well during those events. There were lots of career opportunities as well for those who were interested (We eventually convinced several candidates who eventually joined TCJ)

Sometimes,i do get to take a back seat and be a participant instead especially for the leadership events. We had lots of insights from the Agile leadership session facilitated by Michael Chik, who is an Enterprise Agile Coach with the opportunity to get theoretical insights, exchanging key learnings, experiences, discussing & exchanging ideas with the leadership team led by Kanags Surendran. 

Leadership plays an important role in scaling up agility and will continue being an Agile advocate and ambassador. Here’s to many more cool events and team bonding / building activities to come..


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