Hong Kong - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


I’ve only been to Hong Kong once when I was probably 3 or 4 years old when my Granny took me with her to meet my Aunt (her daughter). Alannah was 3.5 years old when we were in HK back in August 2019. Here’s our story: 

The Good:

Hong Kong is one of the best cities in the world with its beautiful Beaches, good delicacies, friendly people and of coz, kids favourite ~ the magical Disneyland.


Which lil kid wouldn't want to visit Disneyland? My little Alannah had a taste of getting to see her beloved cartoon characters when we were at Universal Studios back in 2018.

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We took a 2 days full event ticket as the place was quite huge and we would want to take our time instead of rushing especially with a 3 year old. It was a hot sunny day so we opted more for the indoor rides with air conditioning. 

We enjoyed several rides, had lots of shopping for Alannah and had an early dinner while we waited until it was a lil dark to get a glimpse of Disneyland being lighted up during the night. 

The Bad:
The Hk riots just started a couple of weeks before and things were quite bad but not as bad as what will be unfolded during our stay. 

Where millions of pilgrims were gathered in Mecca to perform their Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage known as Hari Raya Aidil Adha / Korban in Malaysia which means ‘the Feast of Sacrifice’, Hong Kong citizens are undergoing their own form of ‘Sacrifice, rallying & ‘fighting’ for democracy and their safety.

I personally witnessed these sad & terrifying moments during my few days stay here. We couldn’t use the MTR (local train transport) which takes about 15 mins from our Hotel to the gates of Disneyland so we took a Taxi instead (to and fro) which costs 5 times more. I was fortunate to meet up with my ex HSBC HK colleagues Ronald and Lucile who told me all I need to know about the current situation and what to do and what not to do to be safe and away from danger’s way

It’s really sad watching things turning up this way the last few weeks and I feel sorry for my friends and ex-colleagues, some of the police, emergency services & media crews plus the citizens.

The Ugly:
Just when we thought that things would be back to normal for us once we head back home, things turned really ugly. 

We were just an hour away from boarding our flight home (already passed immigration) and at the terminal to depart when suddenly we see gates starting to close and the flight boards showing that all flights are canceled. Shops were starting to close up and a lot of flight passengers were getting confused and anxious.

Alannah wasn’t feeling too well getting feverish and started to have rashes. We went back and forth the different terminals finding for an answer but to no avail. It was later announced that the airport has been locked down until further notice. There were no hotels and most people ended up sleeping on the floors and boarding areas. Seeing that Alannah wasn’t feeling too well, we had to book a night in the premium plaza lounge for 10 hours so Alannah gets to shower and be more comfortable. I didn’t sleep the whole night taking care of Alannah as she was on meds and was getting itchy due to her rashes. 

The next morning with the help of my dad and mum, we managed to get 3 seats on the 1st flight out to KL. While we were fortunate to board the 1st flight out after a whole day stuck in the terminal with my lil gurl unwell, many passengers with toddlers, infants and also the elderly are still stranded in the terminal with no proper place to freshen up, eat, drink and even sleep. I even saw some of them in tears and still remember their faces and expressions. I for someone who has the phobia of flying for once felt so relieved when our flight took off ️

It was an ordeal not to be forgotten. May the HK Government help these innocent people being trapped in the middle of things and may everything turn out for the better as soon as possible for the sake of HK and its travellers ️


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