My Work From Home Experience

It’s Day 3 of the #MovementControlOrder & for many of us who have been #WorkFromHome or #WorkingRemotely the past week or so may find it a little difficult to adapt given that we were able to work from Cafe’s, hang out with pals while working remotely before the MCO, even so, when it coincided with the school holidays as well.

These were my experience of WFH the last week:

✅ Setting up a mini WFH corner🧑🏻‍💻
~ With my lil PA around, it was difficult for VC, coz she wants to be in ALL the VCs so mostly resorted to Audio & Screen shares 🖥
~ Felt like running a call centre 🎧
✅ During lunch breaks, either cook or engaged Food Delivery Services by Grab / FoodPanda 🛵🥡🥢🍕
✅ Enrol into Online webinars & courses whilst also getting updated with the latest bulletins & news 🧑🏻‍💻💻📰
✅ Had my lil girl to also do some revision + activities & games+ prayers 👩🏻‍🏫🎮
✅ Gardening activities in the evening 🌺🌼
✅ Bringing my lil girl for Drive-Thrus so she knows theres still a ‘world’ out there🍔🍟🚗
✅ Hooking up with my Guitar, Netflix Movies at night 🎸📺 💿
✅ Catching with some good old reading during weekends 📖📚
✅ Video calls / calls with relatives & families during the weekend #membawang
✅ And of coz, lots of #TidurPetang with my lil gurl too 💤 🛏🤣 #socialdistancing

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