Brush Up as well as Learned New Skills!


It’s Day 10 of the #MovementControlOrder & my 3rd week WFH. I definitely got to brush up as well as learned new skills:

✅ Multi-tasking between VCs, Confra’s, Emails, Work Chats & house chores (lil gurl is always buggin next to me during calls) 😭🎧
✅ Playing the guitar & singing / jamming along good old classic rock hits from Bon Jovi, U2 to hits from Lewis Capaldi & Ed Sheeran 🎸 🎼
✅ Put on my ‘Master Chef’ hat cookin meals & BBQs for my lil gurl every alternate days👨🏼‍🍳🍳
✅ Had my lil girl to also teach me some mandarin language 🈯️
✅ Gardening activities in the evening 🌺🌼
✅ Made my 1st #DalgonaCoffee ☕️
✅ #MinumPetang & snacking 🥛🍪🥧🍦
✅ Trimming my own hair (i’m missing my good ol barber) 💇🏻‍♂️💈
✅ Quick drive to the nearest mart b4 the curfew starts at 7pm

P/s : i realise that i’m missing the good ol KL Traffic Jam where you get to blast the radio out loud 🚗🛣

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