Happy Father's Day

A huge Kudos & Shoutout to all dads/ granddads/ to-be dads out there especially in our current unprecedented & unpredictable times where we have to juggle between 3-4 roles while working from home & for some, need to work the extra mile for our family.

Some days will be gloomy and some days, the weight that you carry on your shoulders makes it feel that it’s really too heavy to continue to carry on.

Some nights can be restless thinking of your little ones but at the same time, you don’t want the night to end.

Parenting ain’t easy so Keep staying strong & know that it will all be worth every penny, sweat & time vested for that ‘lil monsters’ you call ‘kiddos’.

Blessed to have my lil gurl to keep me sane, jovial, adventurous & my feet firmly on the ground. Here’s to something we both can look back in years to come..

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